Boker’s exciting new washers

3-D printing has been an incredible asset to machining and the availability of washers that do not protrude from the finish of a product. Boker is an excellent manufacturing plant that has been introducing some new designs of fasteners to the market that we are extremely excited about. Their convenient and sleek designs make them stand out from the rest.

Minneapolis, MN-May 9, 2016-Boker’s has expanded its
manufacturing capabilities to produce custom finishing washers, giving
assembly applications a more precise, high-quality look and complete
finish. Finishing washers, also referred to as countersunk washers,
provide a flush surface and are custom manufactured in several common
styles including: 90 degree, angle, flanged, un-flanged and rolled

In addition to achieving a secure finished appearance and fit for
fasteners, finishing washers offer additional functionalities,
including: locking, sealing, insulating, load distribution, added
strength and rigidity. This provides a safeguard for continuous

Finishing washers assure a lasting bond that can be easily unfastened
for repair without damage to the substrate. When a proof of concept for
a specific design is needed, Boker’s has 3D printing model

For complete customization, Boker’s offers a wide range of metallic
materials such as low-carbon steel, spring steel, stainless steel,
aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver. Finishing services include
chrome, nickel and zinc plating, anodizing, polishing, plus more.

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