More efficient fasteners

Adhesives have always been crucial. New designs are finding ways to make fasteners and other kinds of adhesives more efficient by making them lighter, small, made out of more readily available substances and potentially easier to work with materials. Check out what this UK based company is offering to the fastener industry.

Lighter, thinner substrate materials including plastics and
composites are being joined more often, in more industries, and in a
wider variety of product assemblies. Although adhesives have
traditionally been used for joining many types of plastics, suppliers
are coming up with new fastening systems, or improving existing ones, to
accommodate engineers’ lighter, thinner, and often smaller designs.

Adhesives or other types of chemical fastening won’t work for a
design if it needs one or more mechanical fixing points, said Matthew
Stevens, managing director of                         UK-based bigHead Bonding Fasteners.
An example of one design that does need fixing points is a carbon fiber
car chassis. “In that case, you also need an additional fixing point
like a nut or something else bolted on to the head,” he said. “That’s
what our bigHead fastener enables: it’s a fixing welded to a head. We’re
actually finding that adhesive companies are coming to us because they
know their customers need fasteners, specifically bonding fasteners.”

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